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Professional One-Stop Solutions for NPD

We are glad to offer a package that helps you to boost your new product launch within an affordable research and development cost.

Channel has been an OEM ODM Manufacturer since 2004. Helped over 20 brands on product R&D and NPD process including clocks, toys and PC accessories. 

New Product Development is much more than drawing a product image

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One-Stop OEM solution makes your idea to product trouble-free.

We are different from the freelancers on the platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. They are individuals and part-time who are great at 3D modeling; however, they do not have the experience to achieve the idea to become a sellable commodity. 

Our starting point is always to make products that can be mass-produced and sold in retail chain stores. Materials, Regulations, Unit Price, Manufacture efficiency, and supply chain are the factors that shall consider before kick-off.


Packaging Price: US$2000

An outstanding balance of Mechanical and Aesthetics Design R&D

Many one-way design houses in the market only pay attention to the appearance but ignore the feasibility of the production. 

The traditional factory only understands the structure’s reliability but ignores the product’s aesthetic, making the product unsightly and lacking a selling point that could not sell. Channeltechz involves both aesthetics and feasibility to bring the product success on the market.


Packaging Price: US$2000

Select the appropriate Model of MCU before IC coding

Many developers first do the coding on the computer. The advantage is that they can do whatever they want without restrictions on command lines and memory. However, it often produces a product with high-priced IC for low-end functions, which will eventually lead to a decrease in the cost-effectiveness of the products. 

Moreover, in recent years, there has been a panic about purchasing ICs. If developers do not select the appropriate IC before the coding, lack of IC often happens.


Packaging Price: US$4000

Trouble-Free Produce Prototype

Building a 3D print is easy. What you need is to send the STP file to the workshop. Then you will gain the plastic pieces within 2-3 days. However, prototyping is ten times harder than that. 

First of all, ChannelTechz will prepare a BOM list for different materials, including PCB, Elecontincis components, modules, and metal pieces. 

Following this, double-check the structure of the STP drawing to make sure all the components can be fit into the 3D print pieces. 

Finally, our engineers will assemble all the parts to become presentable and functional prototypes.


Packaging Price: US$3500

Guarantee of General Product Safety Regulations

Developers may ignore the safety issue during the 3D modeling design but tilt to the appearance, aesthetics, and functions. It will result in a big problem: the product safety regulation is not qualified while our products are completed. However, the mold and PCB are impossible to be rebuilt. The whole project becomes entirely on hold. 

ChannelTechz’s engineers will first inquire about the actual markets and search for the regulations before building the 3D design. We will not allow generating the above problems.


Packaging Price: US$1600

Professional Pre Shipment Inspections

It’s just impossible that the product owners came oversea to inspect the goods every time. There are a few ways. First, the owner 100% trust the manufacturer, and no inspection is required.

Second, hiring a 3rd party inspection company to visit the factory and inspect the goods.

Channeltechz provides an all-round inspection service. As our team developed the products, we knew the weak points and the regulation to take care of. Therefore, we 100% understand the product compared to the third-party inspection company. We are not limited to basic functional checks, quantity checks, and cosmetic checks but deep into the gameplay, bugs, and safety.


Packaging Price: US$1000

Product Packaging Design Assistance

Each product has its suitable custom boxes with logo. To upgrade the integrity of the product, ChannelTechz shall recommend packaging ideas according to product characteristics to design the box structures and provide Die-Cut drawings.

On-site Production Tracker

The lead time maybe eight weeks or more from materials arrival to the production line. ChannlTechz will provide follow-up services on sites to carefully monitor the whole supply chain.